Jean-Paul Gaultier & VPP

There is something here, in the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, that anyone visiting will be inspired and excited by, I promise. Before it ends on Oct. 2nd, my mom and I visited and I took many pictures.

The top was made with Philippine straw placemats! Ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 1977, still very current today.

This would be my ideal everyday uniform.

Perhaps inspired Maison Martin Margiela’s couture collection this season. I absolutely love this idea.

Pieces from Tribute to Ukraine and Russia collection were breathtaking, this dress took 242 hours to make.

This is from the Tribute to Africa collection, it’s a wedding gown of course

Worn in Bad Education! I love it.

After the museum, my mom and I treated ourselves to Veggie Pulled Pork and Soy Lattes at Le Pick-Up. Best meal, ever.


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